Edge POC

Edge POC


Runs the DV8 3D Wave Equations and Advanced Friction Model to generate accurate downhole diagnostics in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.


Inferred Production Data to within +/-5%.  Production Data for your well or field rolled up daily at midnight.


Use Vanilla SPM and Fillage mode control or take advantage of DV8’s Pistachio Machine-Learning module to dial in your pumping speed.

Power Management

Track Power Usage to optimize lifting costs.


Get Email or Push Notifications to your device in the event of Power Outages, VFD Faults, Enviro and Pressco Faults, belt breaks, excessive loads and more.


Every pumping cycle is stored to the cloud so your production team can dive deep, replay events, and prevent future failures.

Commissioning and Setup

Every Edge POC ships with rod string and well survey details pre-loaded, and has built-in cellular and wireless communications, meaning that once power is applied you will be able to begin controlling your well from the field portal.


 Casing and Tubing Pressure Transducers

   With this option, DV8 provides a continuous fluid level inferred measurement

 Instrument Package

  A load cell and inclinometer package


  A local display for local card viewing


50’ and 100’ cable packages for plug and play installation


  On/Off Contactor based starter

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